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Scott Stringer has a big agenda for City Hall: to rebuild our city — and our economy — for all New Yorkers, stronger and fairer than ever before.

He’ll strengthen our public health infrastructure to get New Yorkers vaccinated and safely to the other side of the pandemic — and then overhaul it to prepare for the next crisis. He’ll bring our economy back with a focus on supporting small businesses, putting New Yorkers back to work, and training them for the jobs of tomorrow. He’ll take a new, more comprehensive approach to ensure public safety and invest in all of our neighborhoods. He’ll enact sweeping plans to tackle climate change and our housing affordability crisis, and dramatically improve transportation throughout the five boroughs. 

And he’ll secure our future with a sweeping plan to invest in our children, ages 0-10 — by making high-quality childcare affordable to every family in the city and putting more resources into the classroom, to get our kids caught up after the pandemic and provide across-the-board enrichment for years to come.

Scott knows what it takes to make change in government that changes people’s lives — it’s what he’s done his entire career. And he knows it’s not enough to have big ideas — that’s why he has specific, actionable plans that are ready to go on day one. 


Climate Action

Healthcare and the Pandemic

Housing Affordability

Jobs and the Economy

Public Safety and Justice


Estamos Con Stringer


A lifetime of experience uniquely prepares Scott Stringer to lead New York City out of crisis.

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